Unique technology of reprofile (recovery) of diamond-grinding wheel is an innovative product company "NOVATOR" and registered in the register of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region №1O7 / P-11 from 01 September 2011.

Practical tests have shown that the use of our technology of reprofilation allows to:

  • Restore all the original instrument, after only 20-30% of their capacity;

  • To extend the performance of the original instrument without losing the quality of the final product;

  • Avoid downtime of production;

  • It is important to save money on buying a new expensive instrument;

Our recovery technology allows you to recover any original instrument repeatedly and use it again and again. As practice shows, a more expensive tool is subject to reduction to 5 - 6 times, inexpensive to 2 - 3 times.

Recovered tools samples passed all the necessary tests. Our regular partners have appreciated the unique recovery technology company "NOVATOR". Economy allowed to expand production and increase production volumes.

Examples of discs before and after recovery

Образцы восстановленных дисков

Top Photo (worn profile)

Bottom photo (reconstructed profile)


Образцы восстановленных дисков

left the restored profile

Right worn profile